Refund Policy & Processes

The Dinger Refund Policy was updated on: 1 Jan 2020.

As Dinger is the prepaid service, end consumers can face the following problems. (a) Items are never delivered by the Store Owner (b) Quality is not as described (c) Can’t follow what an online shopping promised (Authenticity and brand promise). In those cases, customers can file a case to Dinger. Within (7) days, a customer and a store owner can discuss the case and have a decision by themselves to reach the point where both sides agree. After (7) days or a customer decide to file a case, Dinger will start the investigation process. As a customer, you have to file a case to Dinger. Firstly, (1) A customer must go to the Dinger website and go to the refund section. (2) Fill the form with the following information.

  • Name
  • address
  • Phone Number
  • Bank or wallet types
  • Account Number
  • Details of the case (What happened?)
  • Provide an image of the item

As a store owner, you merely need to negotiate with the customer and then you have to describe the whole case to Dinger.

Solution by Dinger

Dinger will take up to 21 days to resolve the case. What does Dinger need to do with the store owner after a customer file a case?

  • Dinger will check the case filed by the customer.
  • It will automatically be delivered to the store owner as well.
  • Dinger has a right to go into the messenger chat or by any means of communication channels between customers and store owners and check every detail where the store owner and the user communicate (it will be mentioned in the store owner and dinger contract)
  • The Dinger team will go to the merchant personally and investigate the case.
  • The Dinger team will give the decision 21 days from the day the customer filed a case.