Easy Tracking and
Get Paid Faster

Online invoicing feature helps you in managing the client information and billing from one web application. Speed up your bill-tracking system and accept digital payments in seconds.

Best product that benefits you in every corner

Customize every invoice

Professionally represent your brand with digital invoices and improve them with more content.

Organized bill-tracking system

Chasing the manual invoices can take your time a lot. Online invoicing gets your reports by a specific status of the invoices.

Access invoices anytime

Cloud system keeps everything in its right place where you can retrieve invoices even from your smartphone at any time.

Send direct emails

Impress the clients’ experience by sending the bills from a unified web-application to their emails on the go.

Accept instant payments

Online invoices integrate with digital payments which is letting your clients choose the payment method (either with E-Wallets or banks or online cards) for the invoices.

Think green

Less use of one paper invoice will not save the planet, but if the number of several billion invoices are transformed into digital ones, we can protect the overuse of papers from green environment.

Types of businesses to be best fit in

Affordable price to start it NOW


60,000 Ks /mo + Transaction Fees

*contract 6 months minimal and must be renewed every month.

Monthly plan, billed monthly

24 hr transaction monitoring dashboard

Settlement (any banks in MM)

Dedicated technical support

Office-hour customer service

Cancel at anytime