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60,000 Ks /mo + Transaction Fees

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24 hr transaction monitoring dashboard

Settlement (any banks in MM)

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Payment Method Pricing Type Total Pricing Range
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KBZ Mobile Banking Percentage(%) 1.9% Transaction rate of Digital Contents for KBZ Bank will be "15%".
KBZ Pay Percentage(%) 1.9% Transaction rate of Digital Contents for KBZ Pay will be "15%".
Citizens Pay Percentage(%) 1.9% -
Wave Pay Percentage(%) 3.4% -
True Money Tier Base 0.4%+200 MMK -
Mytel Pay Percentage(%) 2% -
AYA Pay Percentage(%) 0.7% -
MPU Percentage(%) 0.8%+200 MMK -
UAB SAI SAI Pay Percentage(%) 0.9% -
M-Pite san Percentage(%) 1.9% -
One Pay Percentage(%) 1.9% -
Visa Percentage(%) 3.9% -
Master Percentage(%) 3.9% -
JCB Percentage(%) 3.9% -
CB pay Percentage(%) 1.5% -
MAB Mobile Banking Percentage(%) 1% Under 200,000 MMK
MAB Mobile Banking Fixed MMK 1,200 Above 200,000 MMK