Developer / Production API / Introduction



This API documentation is for business that wants to integrate with Dinger platform to accept payments digitally. Customers of the businesses can purchase items or services on the businesses’ platform and Dinger will facilitate the payments together with corresponding payment providers for every transaction.

Change Log

29/9/2020 - Version 1.0 API release. Provided 2 API (Payment Token and Payment API).

Dinger Flow Process

Step by Step User Journey

1 User has to fill order information on business check out process.

2 User has to fill payment information on business check out process and click pay.

3 Business received information and request server for authentication token to initiate payment with order information.

4 Dinger share authentication token to initiate payment from Business.

5 Dinger initiate the payment with corresponding payment provider.

6 Customer need to confirm the payment via OTP or pin code.

7 Payment provider will transfer the funds.

8 Dinger will initiate the callback URL from business and send back return URL.

9 User will receive the confirmation of payment on business platform.